Southern Cross Hospitals

Patient & visitor information

Play Video This section is to help patients prepare for their hospital visit.  Most patients will receive a Southern Cross Hospitals Patient Admission Pack (admission pack) prior to their hospital visit - which includes the information provided here.   We have repeated it here in case patients misplace their admission pack, and to enable access by family members or healthcare service providers who need to know or who are interested.

  • For additional information on a particular hospital, look in the Our hospitals section of this website  
  • For what to bring and tips on preparing for admission click here or go to the 'Before you arrive' section
  • Please take the time to read the information provided to help you prepare for your stay.


Southern Cross Hospitals offers a range of payment options. Payment information, and a web-based payment option (using a credit card) is included in this website.


Southern Cross Hospitals are smoke-free in accordance with the Smoke-free Environments Act. This includes all buildings and grounds and vehicles parked on the premises. Please advise your visitors of our smoke-free environment. You may wish to consider using nicotine replacement therapy prior to, during and after your hospital stay.  Please talk to your medical specialist or nurse about this.

Your rights

Southern Cross Hospitals is committed to caring for you in accordance with the Code of the Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights.


Any personal or health information we collect from you or your health services provider is collected for the purposes of providing your treatment at a Southern Cross hospital, for quality assurance activities and to fulfil legislative requirements.

Your rights provided in the Health Information Privacy Code and the Privacy Act 1993 will be respected including your right to access and, if necessary, request correction of any information we hold about you. If you have any concerns, please contact the hospital to speak to the Hospital Manager who is the Privacy Officer.

More information on the Health Information Privacy Code and the Privacy Act 1993, and the Health and Disability Code of Rights can be found in the patient information compendium located in your hospital room or the day-stay area.