Southern Cross Hospitals

Making a payment

Patients of Southern Cross’ wholly-owned hospitals have the facility to make online payments, using the form provided and a valid credit card, in cases where they need to -

  • make a payment in advance of admission to hospital for treatment
  • pay an invoice received for a partial or full charge for hospital treatment
  • make a co-payment/excess payment for hospital treatment partly funded by insurance.

For details on how to make a direct money transfer using your own bank's website (and for details of our bank accounts), please click here.

Complete the form provided to continue with your online (credit card) payment. We currently accept VISA and Mastercard payments

Please click on the fields to enter your details and complete the form. You should fill in all fields included unless otherwise advised. For example, you only need to enter the patient NHI (National Health Index) number if known. If not known, just leave that field blank. Once all the required fields are completed, click on ‘Proceed to next step’ (at the base of the form).

Enter your payment details

*Please include area code and enter only numbers.

Important (for any questions we may have)
(if known)
(where appropriate/known)

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