Southern Cross Hospitals

Payment Information

Cost estimates

You may wish to request an indication of the costs of your procedure. First, please ask your specialist about the expected cost (specialist and anaesthetist fees) and also the expected time in theatre (where applicable) and the length of your stay in hospital (e.g. day stay or overnight).

The Southern Cross hospital can then provide you with an indication of the hospital charges that may apply to your visit, based on our experience. 

We are only able to provide you with an indication of your surgery costs at this time. The actual cost will not be known until after your surgery has been completed and your account is made up at the time of your discharge.

Payment information

If you are paying for all of the costs* of your procedure yourself, you will be asked to pay a deposit for the majority of the hospital fee, on or before admission.

If you are not a New Zealand resident you are required to complete an ‘Acknowledgement Form: Non NZ Resident’.

We accept credit cards, cash and bank cheques on the day of admission or direct credit to our nominated bank account 5 days prior to admission.  You can contact your hospital to confirm payment requirements and options (click here for contact details: Our hospitals).

Payment can be made by direct credit (direct money transfer) using your own bank’s website.

Our bank account details are:

  • Gillies Hospital 12 3244 0040539-00
  • Rotorua Hospital 12 3113 0126551-00
  • All other Southern Cross hospitals 12 3113 0126623-00

In the payee particulars, code and reference fields, it is important for account holders to include the patient name, hospital location and patient NHI number (if known) - as this will help us to identify your payment quickly and easily.

Please note: Advanced payments, invoice payments, co-payments or excess payments can be made using a credit card (VISA or Mastercard) on this website.



The balance of your hospital account must be settled on your discharge

If you have health insurance and your procedure is covered by your insurance policy, you must obtain “prior approval” before admission, and bring your “prior approval” letter with you on admission.  In such cases, you will not have to pay for your procedure, except for any co-payment or excess which may apply.

It's important to bear in mind that, if your surgery is only partially funded by insurance, you will be asked to pay the balance of your account prior to leaving the hospital.

If your treatment is covered by ACC, Southern Cross Hospitals will seek approval for surgery on your behalf.  However, if your surgery is only partially funded by ACC you will be required to pay a deposit on admission.

You are welcome to contact the hospital if you have any questions relating to hospital payment or other arrangements.

Please ensure that you check at Reception before you leave the hospital. You will be able to settle your account where this is required and the administration team can complete your discharge.

*Please note that surgeon and anaesthetist, and any other independent health professionals (e.g. physiotherapist), will send an account to you separately, as each practitioner is independent of Southern Cross Hospitals and will have a separate account, which you are responsible for paying.