About Us

Introducing Southern Cross Hospitals

We operate New Zealand's largest network of private surgical hospitals, and our focus is on delivering quality healthcare and value for money.

Through our network across the country, we can offer a wide range of services - including surgery, medicine and rehabilitation support - to the many communities we serve.

Our ‘centres of expertise’ include well-equipped surgical hospitals, consulting and specialist therapy centres, and advanced operating and imaging facilities. Over 1,000 surgeons and anaesthetists use our facilities in their private practice. While we do not employ them directly, all independent medical specialists complete a credentialling process before admitting their patients.

Working to deliver better healthcare

We focus on people, not profits

A passion for quality performance

Playing a leading role

What makes us different? What makes us different?  

Our Vision

Our ambition is to be New Zealand’s leading and most respected healthcare provider, delivering quality, affordable healthcare to more New Zealanders.

Leading our sector in quality, safety and overall patient experience

Using non-for-profit principles to make our services as affordable as possible.

Our Values